Our programs focus on conversation related to topics students wish to learn or to improve, there is also grammar practice when needed. Travelers with no Spanish can focus on daily life situations or on anything they wish. Students who have already studied Spanish will send us information about their Spanish Levels, and also about what they would like to improve.


You are welcome to start any day (Monday through Sunday),the main idea of having a flexible schedule is to allow you to choose the number of hours per day, days per week, and total number of weeks. This way you can enjoy Oaxaca and learn Spanish too. Each hour of lessons is divided as follows:( a 55 minutes session + a 5 minutes break).


Group lessons are offered to people  traveling together  who wish to be in the same class. The cost below is for two people, please let us know if there´ll be  three or more persons to calculate the cost.

ONE ON ONE  $380 pesos per hour
GROUP  $420 pesos per hour (for 2 people)

We can only take cash (pesos), please pay at the beginning of each week.

                                                   Thank you!