Amigos del Sol is a small Spanish Language School located in Oaxaca, Mexico. It was founded in 1998 by Rogelio Ballesteros Castro.


All the staff wishes you, your family and everyone are doing fine, a big hug for all of you. We would love to have you as a student.


Our main goal is to provide personalized instruction in the Spanish language to students from all over the world. We offer small group lessons with students at the same Spanish Level, as well as one-on-one lessons tailored to the individual student´s needs and goals.


Through the years and based on our teaching  experience, we have developed a method and materials to help students learn Spanish in an easy and fun way.


Students talk most of the time, grammar is presented and explained   through conversation, to reinforce what you need to practice.

Our teachers have been working  at Amigos del Sol for more than 19 years. They have a wide range of experience teaching Spanish language learners at all levels.


They love teaching, and they adapt their methods to best serve the goals of each student. Our teachers are native speakers, are enthusiastic and patient professionals.


Sandra   (28 years of teaching experience)

Josefina (26 years of teaching experience)

Isis         (21 years of teaching experience)

Esteban (20 years of teaching experience)

Héctor   (21 years of teaching experience)

Rogelio  (36 years of teaching experience)