I was 3 weeks at Amigos del sol and had a great time.  I had 3 hours of Spanish lessons every day and lived with a family.  The teachers are very nice, funny, helpful and I learned a lot. The family was great and very friendly and the food was amazing. It is a very nice atmosphere and the whole team gave me tips to have great experiences in Oaxaca. I can fully recommend Amigos del Sol as a great, and flexible Spanish school! Thanks a lot to the whole team!


Magdalena Jozic- 32 years old - Engineer - Switzerland

My wife and I studied Spanish at Amigos del Sol in May 2019. We had 10 private classes spread across 3 weeks to fit in with our other activities in Oaxaca. Rogelio was very responsive to our initial enquiries and was enthusiastic and welcoming to us every day at school.
Our main teacher Chris was friendly and professional (and more importantly, patient with us). The classes were interesting and pitched at the right level for our current competencies. We also had some classes with Estevan and he was likewise very friendly and knowledgeable.
The staff communicated well with us and with each other and everything ran very smoothly.
The school itself is clean, well-maintained and comfortable.
We would definitely recommend Amigos del Sol to other potential students.
Bruce and Lisa - Australia

An excellent course in a lovely environment. The teachers are very professional and I enjoyed meeting both the teachers and the other students. My Spanish improved rapidly and I throroughly recommend this school. Muchas gracias Rogelio!


Clare Burgener - 38 years old - Pilot - UK

I was very happy with the school and  the teachers, everyone is very professional and helpful. Thank you!


Ramona - 24 years old - Nurse - Austria

I had a wonderful time at Amigos del Sol. My teacher was very attentive and supportive. I looked forward to going to school everyday. My host family was absolutely lovely and I very much felt at home.


Sarah Wildi- 22 years old - Switzerland

I planned a week vacation in Oaxaca and wanted to learn some Spanish while I was there. I was working around some other tours and classes and Rogelio was great at communicating with me about what would be possible. I ended up with 3 days of Spanish classes with my amazing teacher, Sandra. I learned so much and was so encouraged by being able to tell her stories from my childhood (practicing past tense) and talking with her (in Spanish!) about the culture in Oaxaca and recommendations for things to do. Rogelio was also so kind to help me arrange transportation to the airport. Next time I am in Oaxaca, I will definitely be spending more time with mis amigos at Amigos del Sol! Thank you! 


Larae Baker - 35 years old - Marketing - USA

I really enjoyed my time at Amigos del Sol! Rogelio was very helpful in making all of the arrangements. The host family I stayed with was lovely and close to the school. The teachers were warm and accomodating. Everyone was flexible and made my time in Oaxaca excellent. I hope to return!


Carol Reimer- 34 years old - Social Worker - Canada

I was very happy with the school. Our teacher Isis taught us a lot in only two weeks. Everybody is very lovely and helpful. Now we are proud to say: Sí hablo más español. Thank you Amigos del Sol!


Laurenz - 24 years old - Engineer - Austria

I will recommend this school to everyone I know. It is well-run and the teachers are wonderful. Classes are three students or less, so we had lots of attention from the teachers. Wonderful!


Susan Harman - 70 years old - Retired - Canada


Instituto Amigos del Sol is a great place to study Spanish no matter what your level of understanding is. The teachers are very knowledgeable and flexible, focusing their teaching to students needs and interests.


Christine Walsh- 60 years old - Retired

I spent 6 weeks learning at Amigos del Sol, it was fantastic! I stayed with a family for the first 3 weeks which was a wonderful experience. Laura, Sergio and family are so sweet and I felt very comfortable and welcome in their beautiful home. As for my Spanish, I feel I really improved a lot! Because the school is small, it is flexible, and the teachers do a great job at catering to your needs, your energy, and what you want to focus on. Rogelio´s approach to teaching and learning Spanish is creative and thoughtful. I can´t wait to return! Thanks for everything!


Caitlin Berry - 33 years old - Educator 

Amigos del Sol is an awesome school! My teacher, Miriam, was very knowledgeable and the classes were very personalized. The school was very flexible when planning class schedules, and I learned a lot. Thank you!


Brett Swanson - 29 years old - Visual Effects Artist

I had spent some time in Oaxaca in the I980’s and returning to this beautiful, gentle city to learn some Spanish had been on my “bucket list” for some time. I spent some time researching the numerous schools in Oaxaca and it was almost impossible to choose among them. There was something about the tone of comments by past Amigos students though that drew me to choose it. I wasn’t disappointed. I was realistic about what I might be able to accomplish in the 8 days available to me given my very basic understanding of Spanish however my experience exceeded by some distance what I had expected to accomplish.

When you have little experience, it is difficult to say with any accuracy what it is that you want. As it turned out, it wasn’t necessary to articulate what I wanted. Rogelio and Chris were able to figure out what my needs were and to provide it in a way that felt personalized to my needs and ability. Over 3 ½ hours a day, Rogelio and Chris, using a combination of conversational opportunities and structured teaching, were able to quickly expand my understanding of the language and my confidence in speaking it. The teaching was detailed and demanding to a point but was offered in a supportive and fun environment that smoothed my acquisition of both vocabulary and verbs. Rogelio’s approach to learning verbs benefited from effective learning shortcuts that he has developed over his years as a teacher and this combined with his friendly, relaxed approach greatly sped the process and made this a completely enjoyable experience. Don’t expect miracles. Expect to learn.


Ian Maclaren - 68 years old - Retired Lawyer 

I have been to several Language schools in Mexico and Amigos del Sol is the best. The teachers are nice and skilled. I learned a lot and had fun. The family we stayed with was warm and welcoming- a special experience sharing our lives.


Maryann McCabe - 74 years old - Anthropologist 

The teachers and students at Amigos del Sol are all very enthusiastic and passionate about teaching the Spanish Language. The small sizes and variety of teaching methods, and flexibility for students needs, were all valuable in my education  here.


Patrick Coppinger - 23 years old - Gardener 

They were the best Spanish Classes I have ever taken! The classes were really small and all of the teachers were very interested in helping you to learn Spanish. I would recommend these classes to everyone.


Anna Thornton - 25 years old - Publishing

Class was wonderful. I wish that I received this much one on one attention back in college. Isis is an amazing teacher with a beautifil and clear Spanish I was able to understand. Thank you for providing coffee and rides to school!


Brennan Hussey - 27 years old - Journalist

This was my second experience at a Spanish School in Mexico and a truly great one. The attentiveness of the teachers and Rogelio were remarkable. Classes were extra small, allowing for a free flowing open interaction between students and the teachers. At first, the amount of conversation in Spanish that goes on is overwhelming, but soon you come to embrace it and the conversations lead you to wanting to learn more!


Reid Walker - 29 years old - Guide/ Data Analyst

My girlfriend and I took the 5 day course at Amigos del Sol while we were staying in Oaxaca. Our experience at the Institute was fantastic. We had both the head teacher Rogelio and the teacher Sandra who were both friendly, attentive and very experienced. We both had fun, learned a lot and feel more equipped to take our Spanish further!


Jon Shurr - 26 years old - Chiropractor

Amigos del Sol is such a happy, friendly place and the enthusiastic teachers really helped me improve my Spanish. Thank you!


Vicky John - 27 years old - Doctor

Amigos del Sol is a small school with high quality classes. Teachers are young and can relate to their students. My class was very good and individually adjusted to my needs. Everyday was full of information, practice and fun. Prices are very fair and the atmosphere in the school is awesome. We all found a personal connection easily.


Beatrix Preibusch - 29 years old - Real State

The small school of Amigos del Sol is perfect for individual learning for everyone. From beginner level, like me, and also up to well speaking people. The lessons are based on your needs and your skills, so that you can easily get better in short time. Perfect is the combination with the possible home stay, to improve your learned skills everyday.


Jonathan Preibusch - 34 years old - Marketing

Everything about  the school was excellent, I can not recommend it enough. I was treated in a personal manner, and the classes were adapted to fit my specific needs. The teaching is very professional, combining gramatical concepts and free-talk practice. I learnt so much, and had a lot of fun doing so, because Rogelio and Mari are superb teachers, are friendly and lovely human beings!.


Yuval Abraham- 24 years old - Journalist

The teachers were very friendly and fun, and the host family could have not been more welcoming. 


Kasey Chatterji-Len - 18 years old - Student

I spent one week studying at Amigos del Sol, and it was a wonderful experience. Rogelio is very kind, patient man and a gifted teacher. Chris is also a very supportative instructor and they both allowed me to develop my confidence in speaking. Finally, the homestay was a very positive and comfortable experience. They were very nice and the food was terrific. I recommend Amigos del Sol without reservation and I hope I have the opportunity to return again in the future.


Heath Bennett - 49 years old – Teacher

Amigos del Sol is a fantastic language school that goes above and beyond to ensure that students work with teachers and groups that suit their level. This was a fantastic experience, and I hope to come back!


Annie Tickell – 27 years old – Teacher

I really enjoyed working with Esteban. He´s fun, has a great sense of humor and really understands Spanish Grammar. My homestay was MARVELOUS, the house is incredibly gorgeous, the food was delicious and I appreciate that the family ate and spoke with us, as well as gave us tips and recommendations about Oaxaca. We loved our stay with them so much that we extended it.


Lisa Kelly – 30 years old – Teacher

In all aspects this school gets full marks! The director, Rogelio was super flexible and answered my many emails promptly to give me all the info before our arrival. When we arrived, we were warmly welcomed by Rogelio and our teachers. We are a family of 6 and are at different levels of Spanish. Our different teachers took great care in providing personal attention and helping us learn quickly. The classes were fun and very interactive. I was so impressed that my 9 year old daughter went from knowing a few words and phrases to talking in simple sentences by the end of one week. AND, her interest and her joy for the language also increased immensely. My older daughter and I were in class together and we worked on the past tense and on the subjuntive. Our teachers personalized the lesson to our interests. We were so happy, we actually extended our stay and spent our last couple days in Oaxaca in the school. Top quality! If we can, we´ll come again! Thank you all!


Mike Brown – 43 years old – Social Worker

Miriam has been a great teacher! She taught clearly and used relevant conversation and games to help integrate the learning. Rogelio was well organized, responsive, helpful, kind and energetic. Facilities were clean and well maintained. We´ve had a great experience and will recommend Amigos del Sol highly. Thank you!


Z and Sarah Brown – 13 years old – Student / Social Worker

Milagro: Rogelio makes everything fun. Class flies by, the games we play are the best.

Felix: Thanks Rogelio, the school and games are great!


Milagro and Felix – 10, 9 years old - Students